Talkin’ Jake Storiale

Jake Storiale, better known as Talkin’ Jake, is a content creator and host known for his sports-related podcasts and videos. With his infectious personality and deep knowledge of sports, Jake has built a dedicated following of fans who appreciate his insights and entertaining content. He founded Jomboy Media with his friend Jimmy “Jomboy” O’Brien in 2017.

Biographical Information

  • Birth Date: October 11, 1989
  • Education: Central Connecticut State University
  • Net Worth: $6 million


Jake “Talkin’ Jake” Storiale’s career revolves around his passion for sports and creating engaging content. Through his podcasts and videos, he provides analysis, commentary, and interviews, connecting with sports fans on a personal level.

Jake’s ability to combine humor, knowledge, and a fan’s perspective makes his content relatable and enjoyable for a wide audience. His dedication to delivering quality sports content has earned him recognition as a prominent figure in the sports media landscape.

What is Talkin’ Jake Storiale’s Net Worth?

Jake Storiale’s Net Worth is approximately $6 million as of 2023.

What is Talkin’ Jake Storiale’s E-Mail Address?

Jake Storiale’s e-mail address is available by sending a message to For a fee, we will respond with a verified first or second-party contact e-mail address (meaning the individual themselves or a manager, agent, or assistant) within seven days. In the rare event that we are unable to fulfill the order, we will refund your payment in full.