Bill Nguyen

Bill Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American entrepreneur and technology innovator. Born on December 1, 1971, Nguyen has founded and co-founded several successful companies in the tech industry. He has been recognized for his contributions to the startup ecosystem and his ability to identify emerging trends.

Biographical Information

  • Birth Date: December 1, 1971
  • Birth Place: South Vietnam
  • Education: University of California, Berkeley
  • Net Worth: $65 million


Bill Nguyen’s career in the tech industry has been marked by entrepreneurial success. He co-founded the music-sharing platform Lala Media, which was acquired by Apple in 2009. Nguyen also founded the mobile social media service Color Labs and the cloud-based computing platform Nguyen has demonstrated his ability to identify opportunities and push technological boundaries.

Beyond his ventures, Nguyen has been involved in mentorship and investing in early-stage startups. He has supported emerging entrepreneurs and shared his insights and experiences. Nguyen’s contributions to the tech industry and his innovative spirit continue to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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What is Bill Nguyen’s Net Worth?

Bill Nguyen’s Net Worth is approximately $65 million as of 2023.

What is Bill Nguyen’s E-Mail Address?

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