Asa Hutchinson

Asa Hutchinson is an American attorney and politician. Born on December 3, 1950, in Bentonville, Arkansas, Hutchinson has served in various roles in both state and federal government. He has been involved in public service for several decades, advocating for conservative principles and policies.

Hutchinson has held positions such as U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Arkansas, U.S. Representative for Arkansas’ 3rd congressional district, and Governor of Arkansas. He has been an advocate for limited government, lower taxes, and law enforcement.

During his tenure as Governor, Hutchinson focused on issues such as education reform, job creation, and criminal justice reform. He has also been involved in national security matters and has served as the Undersecretary of Homeland Security.

What is Asa Hutchinson’s Net Worth?

$7.1 million as of 2023.

What is Asa Hutchinson’s E-Mail Address?

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