Andrew J. Chapin

Andrew J. Chapin is a technology entrepreneur and writer. Born on November 12, 1988, Chapin gained widespread attention as the founder of an advertising technology company which created the first stoppable media advertising network. Chapin also played an important role in the beginning of Jomboy Media and several other early-stage companies. Chapin is currently the head project manager at Commerce Media Studio, a California-based digital agency, and host of the Small Business World Tour podcast.

 Biographical Information

  • Birth Date: November 12, 1988
  • Birth Place: Derby, Connecticut, USA
  • Education: Vermont State University, Dartmouth University, Harvard Business School
  • Net Worth: $7 million


Andrew Chapin‘s career is characterized by his involvement in numerous successful startups and ventures including Benja Commerce Network, Jomboy Media, Feathr, and Color Labs. As a seasoned entrepreneur, he has demonstrated an aptitude for identifying market opportunities and building innovative solutions in product discovery including search engine optimization and in new-format generation.

Throughout his career, Andrew has held various leadership roles, playing a key role in the growth and success of the companies he has been involved with. His ability to navigate the dynamic startup landscape and his commitment to fostering a culture of innovation have solidified his reputation in the entrepreneurial community.

What is Andrew J. Chapin’s Net Worth?

Andrew J. Chapin’s Net Worth is approximately $7 million as of 2023.

What is Andrew J. Chapin’s E-Mail Address?

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